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Miss Atlantic City, Inc. is by far South Jersey's friendliest dive operation. Once again Capt. Edward & Capt. Cindy have raised the South Jersey standards for dive operations that others can only hope to achieve. The  boat exceeds both Insurance and United States Coast Guard safety regulations. Whether you are into lobster hunting, spearfishing, artifact collecting, sightseeing or just plain fun, we do it all!

Miss Atlantic City Scuba Diving Boat Charters
Miss Atlantic City
A custom designed dive boat, fast, roomy and very comfortable, not your ordinary dive boat.

  • One tank evening and night dives,
  • Two tank night and day dive,and
  • Three tank dive trips all scheduled through Scuba clubs and Dive Shops !!

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    We recommend for your own safety and peace of mind DAN Insurance

    The Atlantic City Dive Center is not a retail outlet nor an instructional facility although we do have instructors available for check out referrals.
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